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  • Use: Knitting
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Sewing Machine Parts

Improved Version Tufting Gun, Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Cut Pile and Loop Pile Both Use Rug Weaving Flocking Machine, 2 in 1 Industrial Embroidery Machine 110V/220V


It is the new generation rug tufting gun,with similar capabilities to the ZQ-II . It’s built quality has improved over older models and it has the option to switch pile style between Cut and Loop.It reengineered for easier use and greater durability.

Loop-pile height range: .24 – .47 inches (6 – 12mm) ;Cut-pile height range: .35 – .70 inches (9 – 18m).The Electric Rug Tufting Gun can manually switch between CUT pile/ LOOP pile,just need replaces the scissors.

2400rpm,5-45 stitches/sec Adjustable,its production efficiency is 80-100 times of manual production.It has the characteristics of high-speed woven and flexible movement.Save your time. 110Vor 220V ,230W.

Tuft guns move insanely fast, but sometimes you want to slow down to focus on small details of your rug. It has a dial at the bottom of the handle where you can easily change the tufting speed.

It is easy to operate, easy to master, long life, less trouble.The machine is portable ,it also produced a huge change in the traditional hand-made carpet,can weave many types of fancy,at the same time more efficient.


Ability to quickly and easily adjust between cut and loop piles

Adjustable dial to control speed

Power voltage: 110V or 220V  200W

Loop-pile height range: .24 – .47 inches (6 – 12mm)

Cut-pile height range: .35 – .70 inches (9 – 18m)

Speed Range:5-45 stitches/sec Adjustable