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  • Brand Name: POLIS
  • Technics: Woven
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Feature: shining
  • Type: Light FABRIC
  • Suede Fabric Type: LL2548
  • Knitted Type: warp
  • Width: wide is about 2 meter (shining flat part about 1.40 meter)
  • Product Type: Other Fabric
  • Material: fiber optic RBG FABRIC
  • Pattern: Light in Night
  • Style: Plain
  • Nonwoven Technics: Stitch-Bonded
  • is_customized: YES
  • Type of Wholesale: NO

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Notice: This price is only the fabric ,

not have the LED lighting system.

Its Shining color is depend on your LED System Color.


This Night fiber optic fabric is a cool andunique way to add some shine to your e-textiles project.

There are optical fibers actually woven into this piece of fabric! Simply shine a bright light into the fiber bundle, which is collected at one end, and the fabric fills with little shining pinpoints. You can make the fabric nearly glow with a little bit of abrasion, just rough it up with fine sandpaper to damage the fiber and make it “leak” light. Selective abrasion is a great way to make a pattern!

if you buy1 square meter ,it will comes:0.5 meter * 2 meters .

if you buy2 square meter ,it will comes:1 meter * 2 meters

if you buy3 square meter ,it will comes:1.5 meter * 2 meters

if you buy4 square meter ,it will comes:2 meter * 2 meters

And So on…

And defaultly will help you to reel off raw silk from cocoons on the double head side.

But because it need to pull out Thread on double side.

so the shining flat wide is 1.4 meter after pull out the thread on double side

( the thread wihch have been pull out still shining )

So the real use flat part of1 square meterwould be about0.5 meter * 1.4 meter.

So the real useflatpart of2 square meterwould be about1 meter * 1.4 meter.

So the real useflatpart of3 square meterwould be about1.5 meter * 1.4 meter.

So the real useflatpart of4 square meterwould be about2 meter * 1.4 meter.

And So on…

This important information need to remind you.

If you need other size , please need to contact us

if not contact us buy and without message.

we will think that you know this information above..

How to Use this Material ?

Roll the Thread together,  and use a Ledlight sourceto shining on the roll thread. .

thenthe wholepiece fabric will shiing like a boat flying on the sky !  Amiracle !

The price is not include this light system , Need yourself DIY please !

If need us to make it for you. Need to add cost. please ask the sell if you need.

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