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  • Stitch Formation: Lock Stitch
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Household Sewing Machine
  • Feed Mechanism: Needle Feed

2 in 1 Pink Tufting Gun Cut Pile and Loop Pile Electric Carpet Rug Guns Carpet Weaving Knitting Machine for DIY, Knitting

1. 【2 IN 1 TUFTING GUN】—The Electric Rug Tufting Gun can manually switch between CUT pile/ LOOP pile,just need replaces the scissors.One machine with two functions, more economical. Pile height adjustable from 10-19 mm(Cut pile) , 5-14 mm(Loop pile).

2. 【DIY CARPETS TOOLS】—This electric tufting gun can not only make DIY cut and loop pile carpets by yourself, but also make kinds of cool artworks for decorative / practical. 

3. 【SIGNIFICANT FEATURE】—Input Power: 70w; Power Supply: 110V-240V/50-60Hz;Motor speed: 9400rpm.

4. 【HIGH EFFICIENCY】—The speed of this rug gun can reach 10 – 40 stitches per second, which increases the production efficiency by 80 to 150 times, which saves more manpower and time than hand knitting.

5. 【WIDELY APPLICATION】—It is easy to operate, easy to master, long life, less trouble.The machine is portable ,it also produced a huge change in the traditional hand-made carpet,can weave many types of fancy,at the same time more efficient.

Name: 2 in 1 Electric tufting gun

Model: Cut pile,Loop pile

Voltage: AC 110-240V

Frequencyr: 50-60HZ

Power: 70W

Speed range: 10-40 stitches/sec(adjustable)

Pile high: 10-19mm/adjustable(Cut pile) 5-14 mm/adjustable(Loop Pile)

Output DC;24V small adapter

Machine weight: 3 lbs

Safe protection: Has over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection

тафтинговый пистолет

тафтинг пистолет

1. We can uses a 2 in 1 tufting gun (usually used to make carpets) to make ornaments that can be hung on the wall. This process involves passing individual yarns through fabric sheets to form shapes and designs. Sometimes also makes carpets and other decorations for display at home.

2. 2 in 1Tufting Gun, It is suitable for high-speed weaving and flexible movement. It is suitable for mobile station work and can weave many types of fancy. Its production efficiency is Manual. 80-150 times of production, it is a new type of special equipment.

It is easy to operate, easy to master, long life, less trouble, and easy to adjust. It is one of the advanced special equipment that the carpet industry is indispensable for modern production.

3. Cut Pile

The pile surface structure of the cut pile carpet is pile-like, the pile surface is fine, the touch is soft, the short pile carpet has good durability, is easy to walk, and has strong practicability.

4. Loop pile

The loop pile carpet is neat and uniform, the surface hardness of the carpet is moderate and smooth, it is comfortable to walk, good abrasion resistance, easy to clean, suitable for laying in places with a lot of walking.

5. Feature

Portable type, moveable & flexible

Simple operation, Easy to master

High-speed tufting, High efficiency

Exquisite structure, Easy to be repaired

Hand-tufted, Precision work


1 x 2 in 1Pink Electric Tufting Gun

1 x Adaptor